Bio — Denis Sivtsev

Denis Sivtsev

Film Composer


Denis Sivtsev (also known as Marshall Williams) is a young film composer, arranger and orchestrator from Russia, the city of Moscow.

In 2015 graduated of the Russian Technological University with a degree in Cyber Security. He started his career as a composer in 2016 with Russian State University of Cinematography named after S. Gerasimov (VGIK). Later, in 2017, he signed a contract with ST.Petersburg State University of Film and Television where he worked as a composer for animated cartoons. In the same year, together with the film company Amarant Pictures, he took part in the creation of the first film about workout “Outcast”, which gathered about 4.2 million views. In the same period, he participated in various blues rock bands as a keyboard player, performing the hits of The Beatles, The Doors, Janis Joplin, etc., and also was a resident of the youth theater “Performance” as an actor, composer and sound producer.

A year later, he compose the soundtrack for the full-length film “117 Letters”, with the support of the Venezuelan Symphony Orchestra in the chapter with conductor Kevin Rodriguez DaSilva. Soundtrack wins several “Best Score” nominations at such film festivals as the American Tracks Music Awards, Hollywood Art and Movie Awards, Munich Film Awards, European Cinematography AWARDS (ECA) (Semi-Finalist) , Los Angeles CineFest (Semi-Finalist), and was officially included at the Sunlight International Film Festival, Aurora International Film Festival and London International Motion Pictures.

His work is inspired by the works of John Williams, Michael Giacchino, Alexandre Desplat, Alan Silvestri and of course Hans Zimmer. In the early period, he was also influenced by the works of Marshall Mathers as known as Eminem.

Currently engaged in writing music for TV / Games, is working on three full-length films, and is also the founder of the music label Big Drama Score, which specializes in all major music genres. The label leads an active set of talented musicians and composers from around the world in order to create a unified team for the production of music content in all popular music styles.